I love to sketch on my iPad to show in a client in a meeting what our ideas are, but the screen of the iPad is not that big to have five people looking at it at once. So the solution was installing this software on my laptop to have it mirror the iPads screen, but after that I ran into another problem you need to have a stable wifi connection to connect both the iPad and laptop to and I always feel a bit odd to ask for the wifi password at a client’s workplace, so there must be a better way, right?

I knew I’ll could buy a Airport express to create a personal network but I found that a bit to expensive and I have to carry a extra device everywhere I go.

So the solution: Make a personal hotspot from your phone and connect both your laptop and ipad to the newly created network and your good to go! For safety I turned off all data for the 3G network of my phone.

For all ya’ll grammar nazis around here, my spelling is really bad. I know this, but i still want to write and not have to wait till there is somebody around to check my spelling. Most of you like to point out the mistakes and make it better I like that attitude, so i’m starting a new project. Everything i blog will be open to edit for everyone to fix. I will provide a link after any blog post with a editable file. 0913_offlineairplay_ENZO